Daniel Coyle and Tienna have won Wednesday’s Douglas Elliman Classic on the opening day of this week’s three-star meeting at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Florida.

Conor Swail and Captain finished third with Brazilian Eduardo Menezes taking the runner-up spot on H5 Uchingo.

Darragh Kenny claimed fifth place with Billy Dorito.

“There’s only six fences in the jump-off with a double so you can’t really miss a stride anywhere,” Coyle said. “You’ve got to be going from the get go and hope that the horse is good enough to keep everything up. Today, obviously, she was.

“This year I’ve had a lot of younger horses move up to the international level, so it’s been a building circuit for me, but I’ve still had some good results. For Tienna, I don’t have any specific plans, but she’s a typical chestnut mare – she’ll tell me where she wants to go and I’ll follow.”

Mike Dunne