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Henry the Horse






The tension is almost too much for Ruth O’Connor as she watches her husband Cian O’Connor complete a vital clear round for Ireland at the European Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden

Do we really do it for the treats at the end? Apparently some do. Here’s my old buddy All Star being rewarded after two great rounds with Denis Lynch at La Baule in France. Well deserved, Simba!

All Star looks for his reward.

small-henryNot a sight you’ll see very often – a totally relaxed Denis Lynch! Here he is, the proud dad, with new addition Nick Alan Lynch, born to the lovely Julia on March 22.

Julia and Denis Lynch with new baby Nick Alan.



And I see that Cian O’Connor is preparing his children for a career with horses. Pictured at Wellington in Florida this week were Cian, his lovely wife Ruth, and their infant daughter Cara Louise. No doubt son Ben (5) is already in the warm-up arena.

Cian O’Connor and wife Ruth in Florida with baby Cara Louise


We can’t get enough pictures of the wedding of Denis and Julia Lynch. So here’s another one!

Julia and Denis Lynch


henry2And my warmest congratulations to the lovely Marion Hughes and the dashing Mr. Miguel Bravo on their recent marriage. Two nicer people you couldn’t hope to meet in a month of Sundays.

The wedding of Marion Hughes and Miguel Bravo.

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