The Warmblood Studbook of Ireland, in collaboration with its partner, the KWPN, has begun accepting breeders into their new Irish Warmblood Breeders Groups. There is one Breeders Group in each of the four provinces, and breeders can affiliate with the group in their province. In time WSI will expand the concept to every county in Ireland.

According to Tom Reed, WSI’s Breeding Director, “Breeders throughout the 32 counties are invited to join the Irish Warmblood Breeders Group in their province. Each group will meet several times a year to share ideas and information; participate in education and training sessions with WSI and our partners, the KWPN; and participate in events that benefit members and the wider equestrian community.”

Reed adds that “Staff from WSI and the KWPN will participate and offer support to each group. We want each group to manage its own agenda of programs and topics so that WSI can meet the needs and interests that the breeders identify themselves, rather than those things being decided centrally by WSI staff. WSI’s role is to empower each Irish Warmblood Breeders Group so that each group will empower its own members.”

The Breeders Groups are designed to offer members the information, support, and advice they have been requesting for a long time and to do it at the grass-roots level. The groups will be focused on supporting breeders at all levels and ages, from highly experienced and successful breeders to new and inexperienced breeders.

Membership in the Irish Warmblood Breeders Group is free of charge to all members of WSI.