An abandoned baby donkey which an equine charity was unable to save has become an inspiration for goodwill towards the charity concerned. Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre (EHCRC) in southern Spain says the initial outrage about the plight of the animal, which they christened “Kisses” has turned into an outpouring of support for its efforts.

The charity, run by retired British couple Ron and Sue Weeding, says the case stirred the hearts of hundreds and thousands.

“There was such an out pouring of grief, particularly on social media, over his brutal mistreatment and ultimate loss but also anger towards the inhumane treatment this poor little creature suffered at the hands of an inhumane human being,” EHCRC said in a statement released today.

“The messages flooded in from across the globe but none so much as from the Spanish people here in Spain. The Spanish nation are often criticised for some of their traditions involving animals but there is a very active movement of young and old alike who are vehemently against any kind of animal cruelty for any reason. So many of these people kindly donated money which enabled the Centre to pay for the costly hospital bill for Kisses.”

The rescue centre was alerted to the abandoned donkey by police. They described finding “a grey baby donkey covered in faeces with his intestines starting to come out of his body, laying down, unable to move because he was trapped inside a blue plastic bag big enough to cover most of his body. His head wasn’t covered and his eyes, tired and sad, were a testament to the horrors such a small creature had gone through during his life.”

He was taken to Hospital Veterinario San Vicente in Alicante where the charity says he was received “with open arms” but despite their best efforts he died barely 24 hours later. EHCRC praised the staff at the veterinary hospital who it said  “made sure that he felt loved and taken care of during his last hours in this world.”

Kisses undergoing treatment

‘Sadly the story of Kisses is not an isolated case. We have had many situations of a similar nature where the poor animals had been abused and left to suffer and die in solitary, lonely, off the beaten track places where the perpetrators of these horrendous acts of cruelty hoped their deeds would never be seen.

“We are sure there are many more unknown cases and we are determined to work closely with the police and the local authorities striving to grow the organization to build a better future for all animals.”

Sue and Rod decided to name him Kisses “because that is one of the many things he needed to feel loved.”

 ‘”We just hope the story of baby Kisses helps us highlight the importance of animal rights not only in Spain but in the world,’ said Sue. ‘No animal should be treated like this’.

-Mike Dunne