Ireland’s Denis Lynch took home a Mitsubishi Outlander as his runner-up prize in today’s 1m60 Dortmund Grand Prix in Germany.

The Tipperary-born rider was one of just six from a 50-strong startlist to make the cut for the jump-off in the four-star event, and was piloting his relatively new mount, the 10 year-old stallion Van Helsing.

A game of tactics evolved in the final round, with Lynch gambling on a careful clear round without pushing too hard for speed, and accomplished his goal, moving into first place while every other competitor paid the price for a faster time with one pole on the ground.

However, second last to go was the talented 18 year-old Netherlands rider Sanne Thijssen with her Holsteiner stallion Con Quidam RB. Thijssen went blatantly for speed, and in a masterly performance stopped the clock a significant three-and-a-half seconds ahead of Lynch, without touching a pole.

A late attempt by fellow Dutch rider Frank Schuttert and Chianti’s Champion to overtake Thijssen went wrong on both counts, failing to equal her speed and also picking up four faults in the process.

The final result saw just two double clear rounds on the board, with Thijssen’s speed earning her a bigger Mitsubishi SUV than Lynch at the final awards ceremony.

Jack Burns