Ireland’s Showjumpers Club has announced that Connolly’s Red Mills have renewed their sponsorship of the Spring Tour which gets underway at JAG Equestrian Centre in Kildare on February 12th. This is the fourth year of sponsorship from the Kilkenny- based feed company.

Over the duration of the 14 legs of the Tour, riders will battle for over €30,000 in prize-money, with the overall 2017 Connolly’s Red Mills Spring Tour champion taking home an additional €2,000.

The Showjumpers Club has also said that a Pro-Am section in this year’s Spring Tour will allow the non-professional riders the opportunity to compete in a league of their own. Riders who opt for the Pro-Am section will be eligible for prize money on the day but will also be eligible for a prize hamper as part of the Pro-Am section at each leg of the tour.

Starting on February 12th at JAG Equestrian, the 2017 Connolly’s Red Mills Spring Tour will span the entire country, with the final taking place at Warrington Equestrian Centre in Kilkenny on April 16th.

The Connolly’s Red Mills Spring Tour is also sponsored by The Showjumpers Club and supported by Botanica International and

Jack Burns