Madrid in Motion belied their lowly league position by winning yesterday’s twelfth round of the Global Champions League held at the home of table-toppers Valkenswaard United.

The surprise win demonstrated the competitive nature of the competition, but it won’t be enough to give Madrid a shout for the top places with only three more rounds left.

The teams who slotted in behind Madrid yesterday were the front three in the league standings and remain so, though Valkenswaard’s lead over their nearest rivals is now down to almost the minimum margin.

For yesterday’s winners Madrid, Alberto Zorzi on Danique incurred just one time fault over the two rounds, while Pedro Veniss did even better giving nothing away with For Felicia. Their single fault total gave them a deserved win over Antwerp Diamonds who finished second with a total of four faults, on the same score as third-placed Monaco Aces but with a better time total.

Valkenswaard took fourth on eight faults, pipping Shanghai Swans, who also had eight, on the clock by one hundreth of a second. John Whitaker delivered a double-clear for the league leaders on Argento, while Emily Moffitt (Hilfiger van de Olmenhoeve) kept the damage to four faults in both her rounds

It seems highly unlikely now that the overall winner of the Global Champions League will come from anywhere below the top three places in the revised standings (see table below) though perhaps Rome Gladiators, who are fourth, still have a squeak and will host the next leg in September.

Zorzi, who was taking part in his first league contest for Madrid in Motion, had made a huge contribution to Valkenswaard’s campaign before his transfer. “This is the first time with my new team,” he said. “I rode Danique and today she jumped very good. My friend Pedro jumped amazing and we won!”

The next round takes place in Rome in September, with Vienna hosting the penultimate leg before the league concludes in Doha in November. Mike Dunne

Global Champions League current standings:
1. Valkenswaard United 279.50
2. Antwerp Diamonds 278.00
3. Monaco Aces 274.50
4. Rome Gladiators 254.50
5. Cannes Stars 232.00
6. Paris Jets 225.50
7. Shanghai Swans 223.00
8. Cascais Charms 218.50
9. Madrid In Motion 216.00
10. Doha Fursan Qatar 215.00
11. Miami Glory 209.00
12. Vienna Eagles 205.50