At present in Brazil supporting his daughter Judy, who is Ireland’s sole Olympic dressage competitor, Kildare businessman Joe Reynolds had a pleasant surprise yesterday when he was told that he’d been elected as the new Chairman of Dressage Ireland.

Speaking from Rio de Janeiro, Joe said “I feel very privileged to be elected as Chairperson of such a strong board.”

“Also I would like to pay tribute to the work, my predecessor, David Keane initiated around the structure of Dressage Ireland and the regions.

“It is background work perhaps not obvious to all the members but very important for the smooth and safe day-to-day operations of Dressage Ireland.

“I believe David’s efforts will stand the test of time and members will benefit for many years to come. With the Board my aim is to get our corporate governance issues bottomed out as soon as possible so that we can get on with the business of developing dressage in Ireland.”

Vancouver K b
Joe’s daughter Judy, due to compete in dressage at the Rio Olympics next week. (Picture: Helen Revington)

Joe has a long association with equestrian sports. The Rathbawn show hosted on the family grounds at Kilteel, Co. Kildare is one of the highlights of the season for the Irish Pony Society. His daughter Judy will compete in the dressage Grand Prix at the Olympic Games in Rio next week on the 14-year-old Jazz gelding Vancouver K owned by Joe and his wife Kathleen.

Reynolds was appointed vice chairman last year and is succeeded in that role by Anne McFarland.  Also elected to the Dressage Ireland board were Gisela Holstein, Gillian Kyle, Caroline Moran, Bert Peskens, Donie McNamara, Bernie Webb, Marguerite McSweeney and Jane Whitaker.